Lycra Chair Cover Hire

Lycra chair cover hire or stretch/spandex chair covers as they are also known are our most popular choice of Chair Cover Hire.

As opposed to the fitted chair covers which are a poly-cotton blend and made to measure by chair size, these Lycra material chair covers stretch so as to fit tightly to the chair. 

This means they are one size fits all so there is no need to submit any chair dimensions.

Linen Chair Cover Hire

Our linen chair cover hire wedding chair covers are of a higher quality than others. Depending on size, linen chair covers are made from either a poly-cotton material (polyester/cotton blend) or from 100% polyester. This material is much more durable than 100% cotton. It is easier to wipe down, and also easier to get stains out of.

Our linen chair covers for hire all have double stitched and over locked seams as well as hemmed skirts. Not only does this make the linen chair covers smarter, but also stronger and more durable.

Candy buffet tables

Sweetie stations, or candy buffet tables have become very popular over the last couple of years.

They provide a great solution to keeping children happy, as well as a nice gesture for your guests. It is also a fantastic way to incorporate your colour scheme into the room.

Packages start at £2.50 per head, minimum of 40 people.

This includes table covers, table swags, vase hire, scoops, bags, 100 grammes of sweets and one chew bar per head.

If you wanted to add more sweets, you can do so at a further cost of £1.00 per 50 grammes.

Table swags and table runners

Table swags and table runners are available in identical colours, materials and styles to your chosen sashes.

The swags are pinned to the tablecloths at the front of the table.

The lengths of material we use will create a swag on any banqueting table seating up to 12 people. (Can also be used on buffet, gift, cake and sweetie tables).

We can also create swags on round tables using table runners or sashes, depending on the size of the table.

Wedding Wishing Well

It's now very common for wedding invitations to include a polite note or poem asking for cash or vouchers instead of presents.

These envelopes cannot just be left on the gift table, or personally given to you throughout the day though.

That's where our wishing well is the perfect solution.

Unlike other post boxes or wishing wells you can find online which are normally made from card or paper, this is hand made from solid pine and painted.

The base lid is taken off at the end of the evening so the contents can be emptied.

Criss-Cross Lycra chair covers

We started stocking the Criss-Cross Lycra chair covers in 2012.

We looked at a few different bits and pieces from 4 different suppliers at the back end of 2011 because we wanted to add something different to our product range.

There are lots of different chair covers out there and we're constantly seeing new ones pop up all over the internet.

We decided to add 2 new style chair covers to our range. They were the ruffled Lycra chair covers, and the criss-cross Lycra chair covers.

Ruffled Lycra chair covers

We started stocking the Ruffled Lycra chair covers in 2012.

We've seen them described on certain websites and blogs as "designer chic", and "the celebrity look for your wedding". I don't know about that. But what i do know is that since we put them up on the site, the interest in them has been fantastic. Since adding them to our product range, they have proved to be the sought after accesory for weddings with slightly higher budgets.

Favors and table trinkets

The options available to you for your wedding favor contents are vast and they vary all year round. Here is a list of items to give you inspiration. The boxes or bags vary depending on contents. Some of them can be personalised. These items also vary all year round, please contact us to discuss your options.

Wedding table centrepieces

Wedding table centrepieces definitely give your function that extra wow factor and are a fantastic focal point. Below is a descriptive list of the pieces pictured on the Table Centrepieces page.

Pieces can be altered according to colours etc.

If you have seen a piece you like, or would like one made up bespoke please contact us to discuss.

2 Chapel Candles sat on a round table mirror scattered with coloured acrylic table diamantes. A simple yet very effective piece.

Helium balloons

Balloon displays are a cheap, quick and easy way to add colour continuity and flare to your function. We Got it Covered supply 3 balloon displays; balloon clusters, balloon arches and cloud 9 balloon displays.

Balloon clusters can be used as an alternative to centrepieces.

Add more balloons to create floor standing clusters, perfect for marking out dance floor perimeters.

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