We Got it Bloggered!!

November 2011

It’s been long overdue but after a hectic first year, I’m finally ready to start blogging. I wanted to make sure I could give it the time, effort and regularity that it deserves. I aim to upload at least 1 article per month and will cover a range of topics relevant to not only function decorations and what we do, but to the wedding industry as a whole. My vision for this is to predominately aim the blog at brides and wedding parties. To build up a collection of interesting and informative articles which I hope can be used as strong reference points for brides in the future. (Most people only get married once in their lifetime, so as much of the right information as possible is crucial!!) I will do this by not only writing articles from a suppliers’ aspect, (which will probably be slightly bias) but by also researching the UK wedding industry (estimated to be worth some £5.5 Billion) thoroughly and picking out the important and interesting parts to report on.

As well as the informative articles, I am also going to upload articles written by a myriad of other people associated in some relevant way with the industry. My plan is for the blog to have views from all sides of the spectrum, making it as honest and enlightening as I can. If you would like me to research a topic, please feel free to email, tweet or Facebook your idea to me via the addresses on the contact page.

So, where to start?? I suppose the best place to start is with myself and my company. My name is Alex, a 28 year old male from Leigh on Sea in Essex. My background is sales and customer service, both to the public and business to business. After years of smashing my targets week in week out and seeing how much money I was making for the fat cats, I decided to leave my well paid secure career to start up my empire. The year was 2008, the country was in a recession and I was naive. But what would I do?? How would I make my millions?? I started researching import/export online, looking for something to make money with on eBay. I found nothing, so I went and sat on the sofa. After 6 months of unemployment (pot noodles, Jeremy Kyle and hangovers) and it still not coming to me I did what any budding entrepreneur would do in my position. Bugger off to Australia with my savings!! At least on the other side of the world my mum couldn’t tell me to get out of bed and go get a job!! I had a year’s visa and a budget to match it, (or so I thought). I returned 7 months later, budget gone and 3 stone lighter. I’d had the best (almost) year of my “adult” life. It was Christmas 2009 and I knew that come January, I had to get a job. So I did what any proud respectable person would do. I applied to go back to my “well paid secure career.” January came and with it came my interview. I went back to work in February 2010 with my tail between my legs. I think it was at about 9:12am on the first day back that I realised why I’d left this soul destroying role over a year previous. Standing in Tesco trying to talk to people who clearly didn’t want to talk to me about the fascinating subject of their ever rising energy bills!! (I’d been there 2 years the first time; my time had definitely been served). There had to be something better for me out there.

A friend owned her own wedding business. I didn’t know too much about exactly what it was she did but by all accounts it was well established and doing well. I text her asking if she had any work as a temporary position while I find something better. She said yes so I left there and then. I started at my friends’ wedding decoration company the following Monday as what I considered to be an office manager. The role included customer services and sales and it was a product that people actually wanted! I was more than happy where I was for the moment. Needless to say, that company no longer exists due to no fault of mine. (I need to be tactful at this point so I’ll leave it there). Regardless, my opportunity had finally presented itself. I had seen first-hand how not to run it and I had some huge ideas that I wanted to put into practice. I would open up a wedding decoration business-not a normal business for a 27 year old straight single man to start, but anyway……We Got it Covered was born!

That was August 2010 and the last year has been, and still is one huge learning curve. It goes from strength to strength every month and the customers’ generous comments reflect that we’re obviously doing something right and on track for where I see this business going. Thank you so much to everyone involved. Hazel, Mum, Dad, Louisa. x Alex.