Vinopolis. London SE1.

We visited Vinopolis on March 24th 2012 to dress their function room for a wedding for just under 100 people with chair covers, satin sashes and napkins.

The room itself is impressive. 2 huge rooms in fact. One for eating and one for dancing. Both with enormously high ceilings, partitioned by a brick arch. All walls and ceilings have the original brickwork exposed and the venue really have made the best of this situation by using multi-coloured lights to set the mood. You'd expect to see a lighting system of this calibre in one of the many nightclubs around this area. They even had projections of coloured chandeliers on the walls!

When we were finished, the room looked one of the best we have ever done. This was due to the lights, and also the fantastic huge wine glass vases with circa lillies and lights centrepieces supplied by a local florist. (And of course our chair covers and sashes). The simple black and white theme always looks classy!!

The only criticism I have about this venue is that from a suppliers point of view it was difficult to park, but this is a common problem anywhere in London and one we are used to.