UK Wedding venues

The first, foremost and by far the most important thing to do when planning a wedding is to find the perfect venue.

Most people only get married once and for this reason, you will generally know very little about most, if not all of the suppliers you will use for your wedding. (Everything you buy or hire, from your dress to your chair covers to your venue will be a one off).

So, how do you know the venue you're thinking of will be the perfect choice? Your friends' wedding venue you attended last year was beautiful, but you want somewhere unique that your friends haven't been to before.

So, in light of this we've created a Facebook group we think will help greatly. The idea is to use this page as a forum to recommend any wedding venues in the UK to prospect brides and grooms.

Where did you/are you getting married? Why did you choose this venue? Why didn't you choose the other venues you visited? Have you had a particularly good or bad experience with a venue? Please feel free to talk about staff, prices, food, decor, anything at all you can think of that made or will make your wedding day that extra bit special.

Do you work in the wedding industry? Which venues are the best (and worst) that you have worked in? Are you a wedding venue? Please feel free to use this page to promote your venue with any promotions or open days you have coming up.

You can join the group by logging into your Facebook account, clicking the following link then the "ask to join group" tab: