"Should I choose organza or satin sashes?"

Once you have made a decision on which chair covers to hire, you need to decide which sashes to use. Again this is down to personal preference but here are some facts to guide you in the right direction;

The organza sashes always have been and always will be the most popular choice. This is because they are cheaper, they are available in a wider range of colours and lastly, as organza is a much lighter material than satin and taffeta, the bows hold their shape longer.

When satin or taffeta sashes are hired, the customers' main reasons for preferring them is that they are a much bolder colour. If a satin sash identically matches the colour scheme of a wedding party, it definitely creates a bold focal point that makes a lasting impression in the guests' memories. We advise selecting the foldover style when hiring these materials as it holds its shape for the duration of the function. Bows tend to droop with the heavier materials.

Unlike other wedding decorations companies, We Got it Covered clean and decrease all our sashes. As organza is such a delicate material, by ironing them we would run the risk of melting them or damaging the fibres. As soon as we collect them from a function they are checked for marks and cold washed if found. They are then soaked, hung and left to drip dry so the creases fall out of them. Once dry they are folded and put in boxes ready to be reused.

Satin and taffeta sashes are again, checked for marks and cold washed if found. They are then hand ironed, folded and put in boxes.

We have hundreds of shades available to us and can match any colour scheme.

We encourage customers to send in swatches for us to colour match, alternatively we send out swatches free of charge on request.

We also currently stock flock sashes and lace and diamante studded organza sashes.

We will have a new range of different coloured lace sashes available early 2013.

We guarantee that our chair covers combined with whichever sashes you decide on will give your function that wow factor you are looking for.