"Should I choose Lycra or linen chair covers???"

One decision to make when hiring wedding chair covers is whether to go for the Lycra (stretch) chair covers or the polycotton (linen) chair covers.

It is purely down to personal preference but here are some guidelines to help you make up your mind:

The Lycra seat covers are the most popular. There are 3 main reasons for this:

1.) We recommend hiring the Lycra seat covers when using our DIY service. This is because they are one size fits all and stretch to fit over the chairs. For this reason, they don't need ironing so they don't get creased in transit.

2.) As they are one size fits all, we don't need to get chair dimensions from either your venue or yourself, like we do with the linen chair covers. As long as the chairs don't have arms and the chair feet are free standing, (i.e not joined by a bar) so that they fit inside the pouches attached to the bottom of the Lycra seat covers to hold them in place then they will fit any chair.

3.) The 3rd reason the Lycra chair covers are the most popular is they are slightly cheaper. The only reason for this is they do not need ironing.

The main thing to remember when hiring the linen chair covers is that one size cover can fit 4 or 5 different size chairs. This means they will look a tight fit on one chair but looser on another. We have linen seat covers in 8 different sizes, and can cover most chairs as long as they don't have arms.

We have a database of venues that we are constantly adding to whereby we record the chair dimensions and take a photograph of the chairs at each venue. This is firstly so we know which chair covers to use when revisiting the venue. Secondly, so we can show examples of the linen seat covers to our customers by emailing them photos of the chairs uncovered and covered; and lastly, so we don't have to keep obtaining chair dimensions when taking a booking like other wedding chair cover hire companies are guilty of; the customer tells us where the function will be held and we know which size covers to use.

Our linen chair covers are made from either a poly-cotton material (polyester/cotton blend) or from 100% polyester. They all have double stitched and over locked seams as well as hemmed skirts. Not only does this make the chair covers smarter, but also stronger and more durable. All of our linen seat covers are ironed by hand.

If you are completely unsure as to which chair covers to hire, we do send out sample chair covers. These are priced as a deposit at £10.00 per chair cover which is either refunded or deducted from invoice upon return.

Whichever option you decide on, We Got it Covered guarantee that our wedding chair covers will give your function that wow factor you are looking for, especially when combined with a sash to match your desired colour theme.