Ruffled Lycra chair covers

We started stocking the Ruffled Lycra chair covers in 2012.

We've seen them described on certain websites and blogs as "designer chic", and "the celebrity look for your wedding". I don't know about that. But what i do know is that since we put them up on the site, the interest in them has been fantastic. Since adding them to our product range, they have proved to be the sought after accesory for weddings with slightly higher budgets.

They're still quite rare to come by. We searched a few other chair cover hire companies and only came up with a handful that are doing them. We expect that by summer 2014 they'll be a lot more common.

What we also found when we searched for them is that our prices were incredibly competitive, especially as they include the Lycra bands and buckles (and delivery in most cases).

The ruffled chair covers are available in white, ivory and black. They're made from Lycra which means they're one size fits all.

The Lycra bands simply slip over the chair back once the cover has been put on.

As the chair covers are made from Lycra, they're one size fits all and they do not need to be ironed. Add to this the ease of fitting the Lycra bands and you have the perfect chair covers to hire on a DIY basis.

The ruffled Lycra chair covers are slightly larger than the normal Lycra covers. They are made this way to accommodate more material which allows them the ruffled effect. This means they will only look their best on larger chairs (preferable cushioned all over). They need to be stretched somewhat to get rid of their creases and display their desired effect. For this reason, we strongly recommend trying a sample chair cover out at your venue before hiring them.

They are available on both the DIY and set up services.


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