On line wedding forums

November 2011

Something I touched on in a previous article is the fact that most people only get married once and for this reason, you will generally know very little about most, if not all of the suppliers you will use for your wedding. (Everything you buy or hire, from your dress to your chair covers to your venue will be a one off). This is why so much business within the wedding industry is generated by recommendations and word of mouth. You need to know when spending so much money that you're making the right decision using that supplier.

My tip is to use the multitude of wedding forums on line to research companies. Read the testimonials and reviews and make sure they're genuine. Every business out there (including ourselves) is guilty of posting fake reviews on forums in an attempt to draw customers in.

So, how do you spot a fake one?? Well, some businesses out there are a lot more dedicated at posting fake reviews than we are but this is how we did it when we first started out: On most forums you have to create a profile before you can post a review. So, we opened a fake email account and created profiles purely for this reason. You can generally tell which ones are fake as they've only posted one review and probably don't have a profile picture. If you look at our Hitched account for instance: http://www.hitched.co.uk/wedding-chair-cover/essex/we-got-it-covered_135... and go to the "reviews and Testimonials" section at the bottom. Go to the last testimonial, posted by "Danielle". We posted that when we first opened our Hitched account and if you click on Danielle's account it's blatantly obvious that it was us. All the other reviews on there were posted by us (which it tells you) but they are all genuine comments from customers.

The trouble is from a suppliers point of view it's hard to get customers to put reviews directly onto the forums, which is why so many try to fake them. We think we've figured out a way to get some on our Hitched account this year though, so watch this space.

Genuine testimonials on forums are so valuable both to the customer and the supplier, so use them. Testimonials on a suppliers' website could either all be fake, or completely bias. All the testimonials on our site are genuine and we've not had a bad one to this date. Having said that, if we ever did get a bad one I don't know if I'd put it up on the site; as you can probably tell from this article, I can be a bit too honest for my own good sometimes (I probably wouldn't put it up though).

This is why reviews and testimonials on 3rd party forums always give a better indication and reflection of a business. So if you come across a supplier offering CHEAPEST CHAIR COVER HIRE EVER or something similar, it's best to firstly ask yourself "why are they so cheap?" and then look into the supplier.