Helium balloons

Balloon displays are a cheap, quick and easy way to add colour continuity and flare to your function. We Got it Covered supply 3 balloon displays; balloon clusters, balloon arches and cloud 9 balloon displays.

Balloon clusters can be used as an alternative to centrepieces.

Add more balloons to create floor standing clusters, perfect for marking out dance floor perimeters.

Balloon arches again are a great way to add colour continuity to your function and really make the room stand out. They're perfect for top tables, but wedding parties have also chosen them in the past for long guest tables too.

We also supply floor standing arches which are usually placed behind the top table.

Cloud 9 balloon displays are 9 balloons tied together in a way to mimic a cloud. They can be used both as table top and floor standing pieces. Customers have used them in the past to simply float above the bride and groom. They are tied with virtually invisible line, so as to look like they're floating freely. Coloured sashes can be added as tails if required.


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