A few things to look out for when hiring chair covers.

June 2012

The wedding industry is big business and the wedding chair covers market is a competitive one, so it's no surprise as to the amount of wedding forums you can find on line. Hence, If you were to Google a term such as: "wedding horror stories, chair covers and linen" (or something similar) there would certainly be no shortage of reading material.

On the same token, when you Google a term such as "cheapest chair cover hire around" you will be inundated with companies aiming to sell you their chair cover hire services. Prices range from company to company anywhere between 99p per chair cover to £4.00 per chair cover, so what do you need to look out for??

Firstly, if a company is advertising chair covers for 99p, there are usually hidden costs involved such as VAT, set up charges, delivery charges, collection charges and laundry and ironing charges. And then there's the sashes which can be anything up to around £2.00 each!!

These companies are very good at drawing traffic in from search engines, but when you look further into it-their prices are no better than the competition. Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is!! This is a very good way of drawing people in, but also a dishonest sales tactic. At the end of the day, all the customer wants to know is plain and simple "how much is this going to cost me??" Especially when they're on a budget. We Got it Covered recognise this and it is reflected in our simple pricing structure.

Another thing to remember when planning a wedding or event is that you get what you pay for. At We Got it Covered, we do not advertise as or claim to be the cheapest around, but we are not the most expensive either. What you do get when you hire our goods is a promise that any chair covers or linen that is returned to us visibly stained or damaged is thrown away and replaced with new stock. Obviously there are some wear and tear (not literally tear) factors you need to take into consideration: (the covers do get marked around the feet from time to time where people move around and the foot of the chair marks the material) but these are unnoticeable when reused-especially as they appear at the bottom of the covers.

As soon as we receive our chair covers and linen back it is put on a 60 degree quick wash and dried. We then go through and check it all individually for any marks that are still apparent. If we find any, they are put on again, this time on a 90 degree long wash. We never load the machines with more than 20 covers at a time, ensuring each one gets a good clean. If after two washes a cover, tablecloth or napkin still has visible marks, we will soak and scrub them. If all this fails they are chucked and repurchased. The sashes generally don't get that dirty, but any that we find that can use a wash will always get one. We prefer not to iron the organza sashes as they can melt or the fibres can get damaged. Instead we soak them in water then hang them on a rail to drip dry. As well as getting the creases out of them, this also gets rid of any small marks that may be visible. Once dry, they are folded and put into plastic boxes ready to be reused.

As well as this promise, you also get "an incredible level of customer service 10/10" (our customer's words, not ours). We have our emails linked to a smart phone, so any enquiry will be replied to pretty much instantaneously. If you can't get us on the office line, you can leave a message and we will always call you back as soon as we get it. Alternatively, our customers can always call the mobile (as long as it's in between working hours) and their call will be answered. On top of a promise to always be on your beck and call, we guarantee to give a punctual and professional service. You receive an email the week leading up to your function telling you the member(s) of staffs' name(s) and their mobile number so you can contact the relevant person on the day.

Samples are no problem at all, we can send them either to your home address or directly to your venue so they're there when you're due to visit. All these features come together to ensure that we provide a fantastic service to our customers and eradicate any stress in regards to this part of the events' plans and proceedings.

All things taken into consideration, we strongly believe that the products and services we provide are of a much higher standard than others and when our customers use us for their weddings or functions they are definitely getting value for their money.