Criss-Cross Lycra chair covers

We started stocking the Criss-Cross Lycra chair covers in 2012.

We looked at a few different bits and pieces from 4 different suppliers at the back end of 2011 because we wanted to add something different to our product range.

There are lots of different chair covers out there and we're constantly seeing new ones pop up all over the internet.

We decided to add 2 new style chair covers to our range. They were the ruffled Lycra chair covers, and the criss-cross Lycra chair covers.

We've had a look and I'm not going to say the Criss-Cross Lycra chair covers are exclusive to We Got it Covered, but we haven't seen them on any other chair cover hire websites as of yet.

They are made from Lycra which means they do not need ironing, and they're one size fits all. The Criss-Cross in the chair back is attached to the cover and it means there is no need for extra sashes or bands. This makes them the easiest chair covers in our range to fit, perfect to hire on a DIY basis.

They are available on both the DIY and set up services.


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