Colour swatches

October 2012

We send out sash swatches for free upon request so our customers can see their true colours. This is especially useful when trying to exactly colour match sashes to other items such as bridesmaids' dresses, grooms' ties, flowers etc.

Satin and taffeta are both heavy bold materials. Satin and taffeta swatches show a true reflection of colours. However, organza is such a light material that the swatches sometimes do not give a true reflection of a whole sash when tied around a covered chair. (depending on colour and light).

So, 3 tips when receiving organza swatches are as follows:

1. Hold the swatches up to different lights. Remember the sashes will be on the chairs from morning to evening and organza can differ in different lights. This is especially advisable when looking at our two-tone range which are 2 different dyes fused together. (See plum and two tone burgundy organza for examples).

2. Fold the swatch over. This will help you determine how the material will look when wrapped around a chair and tied in a bow.

3. Hold the swatch up to something that is the same colour as your desired chair covers. This will give you contrast and a rough idea of how it will look on the day. Instead of a white piece of paper, try to use material to get a truer reflection- i.e a white shirt.

If you're not satisfied with the swatches and would like to see a full sash, we can post them out to you. We ask for a £3 deposit per sash though. This is either refunded or deducted from your bill upon return. If we don't get the colour right or a customer has a particularly rare colour scheme which they want matched, we encourage sending swatches into us to get colour matched. We have over 500 shades available to us, so it's very rare that we don't find the right shade.

We recently sent a swatch of coral organza to a bride who ended up booking with someone else as she was convinced the swatch we sent her was pink. The 2 colours are very close and it did look pink on it's own. In this case- it needed either contrast, or the whole sash being sent to her (which the other chair cover company did).

So, to recap-if you think the swatches don't match your scheme, we will send you the whole sash to make sure. Failing this, we will match any swatch sent to us.