Candy buffet tables

Sweetie stations, or candy buffet tables have become very popular over the last couple of years.

They provide a great solution to keeping children happy, as well as a nice gesture for your guests. It is also a fantastic way to incorporate your colour scheme into the room.

Packages start at £2.50 per head, minimum of 40 people.

This includes table covers, table swags, vase hire, scoops, bags, 100 grammes of sweets and one chew bar per head.

If you wanted to add more sweets, you can do so at a further cost of £1.00 per 50 grammes.

Why not personalise each bag? Add your names, wedding date and venue to each bag or send us your guest list and use each bag as place cards. 25p per bag extra.

Add one of our lolly trees to your display for an extra £30.00 per tree.

The sweets available are vast. Either tell us what your prefer, or let us match the display to your colour scheme. 

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