Beware of the terms and conditions when booking your wedding venue and read the small print.

August 2012

Here's one to look out for!! Today we had a bride cancel her chair cover hire with us as her venue informed her they only allow one decoration company in and she has to use them!

The other company are charging her 40% more than us and they can't give her the exact colour sashes she wants. After reading her contract she has with the venue, she found a clause in the small print detailing this. She was however not directed to this clause by the venue at the time she signed the agreement!

By rights, we could keep her deposit but we agreed to give her a full refund as this matter came to light the same day as she paid it. A week later and this would not have been the case.

Look out for this when booking your venue. Recommended suppliers should only be recommended not mandatory! Read the small print and refuse to sign it until amended. You're spending a lot of money with them, they should not refuse your request. It's your money at the end of the day and you should have complete control over which suppliers you choose to use.

As most people only get married once, they have absolutely no experience when booking any of their suppliers. We're finding more and more that some businesses are preying on this and are out to cash in as much as they possibly can so be aware!