Beware of the pastel colour scheme!

December 2011

Light blue, yellow, lilac, peach, light green, baby pink. If you're planning on having any of these colour schemes at your wedding or event (and more importantly as your sash colours) then you might want to read this article.

Generally speaking, darker organza sashes work a lot better with white chair covers as they give a much more prominent and bolder effect. The "problem" with light coloured organza sashes is that because organza is such a light material, it can be virtually transparent with lighter colours. When the light hits the darker coloured organza bows they sparkle, whereas it can go straight through the lighter ones diluting the colours somewhat. However, this is not true of white and ivory organza as these colours pretty much sparkle in every light.

My tip this week is if you're planning on a pastel (or any light colours) colour scheme then get a chair cover and sash sample from your supplier and visit your venue to try them out. If the chair backs at your venue have a solid back (i.e no slats, just a single solid cushion) then it should be fine. The colour at the front of the chair will be prominent and the bows at the back will sparkle.

When a chair with slats in the chair back is covered, light can pass through the spaces between the slats thus diluting the lighter coloured organza sashes and not giving the desired effect.

In my experience, each venue is different so get a sample and see what you think. (Try to visit the venue in the day so you can see how they look in natural sunlight). If you think it's too light then a satin or taffeta sash might be a better option for you. Both these materials are heavier and bolder.

Alternatively, create a double sash to enhance the lighter colour against a complimentary opposing one.