10 stages to creating a table swag

May 2015

Here is a step by step guide to creating a perfect table swag. So easy when you know how!

You will need the following:
• A friend (optional but easier with 2 people)
• A tape measure
• Pins-the longer the better. You can pick up some coloured or diamante ended ones to match your colour scheme or theme very reasonably on ebay.
• Cable ties (we provide these to all our DIY customers)
• Side cutters (optional, for cutting the ends off the cable ties although they can be easily hidden)
• Sashes (we provide these)

1. Begin by measuring the length of the table with the tape measure. Use a pin to mark the centre point-this marker should stay on the table until stage 5 is complete.

2. Find the middle of the swag material provided and match it to the pin marker.

3. Starting from the centre and working outwards on either side, pin the material to the tablecloth. Pins should be spread evenly along the top of the table front. Do not pin at the centre point as you will be tucking a cable tie there. Instead pin either side.  Do not leave any pin heads pointing out as they can injure.

4. When you reach the ends of the table, keep going along the sides. A cable tie will be tucking at each front end corner so again, leave a slight gap to accommodate them.

5. Kneel in front of the centre marker. From the floor upwards, gather the material so it drapes evenly either side. Use a cable tie to hold its position. The marker can now be removed.

6. Stand to the side one of the front ends. This time work from the top of the table downwards, pinching the material to gather it. This creates the line in the draping. Use a cable tie to hold its position.

7. Repeat step 6 on the opposite end, ensuring each side is symmetrical as possible.

8. Cut the excess ends from the cable ties using the side cutters.

9. Use the sashes to tie bows at each point where a cable tie has been used.

10. Tuck any excess material underneath the table safely so as not create any trip hazards.

For smaller size tables such as gift/candy tables, centre points may not be necessary  depending on your preference .
For round tables (usually cake tables) refer to steps 3, 5, 8, 9 & 10-one cable tie & sash is usually enough.